"Annie's ability to unpack the richness of the Enneagram is both theoretical and practical. First and foremost, how can I better know myself in order to choose the most effective version of myself each and every day, but also, how I can better know and understand others so that I can practice empathy and compassion with people I perceive to be different to myself? The small group workshops that I have done with Annie have empowered me as an individual, as a partner in my marriage, and as a member of a larger community."

-Caroline Ingerham Lee, Woodnote Photography/Light Lab LA, Los Angeles, Fall 2017

"Annie brings not only expertise, but an instantly contagious passion for Enneagram, reflection, community/staff health that really sets the stage for a great experience. Annie has shown great versatility in her ability to get a diverse group interested in participating, and seeing the value of Enneagram. I have witnessed her training 1) youth as they get ready for their first employment opportunities 2) a staff of a small non-profit community development organization and 3) a small church community. In each of these settings, Annie tailored her training to the group, while at the same time, staying true to teaching the Enneagram. Her ability to contextualize made the experience much more human and it helped bring out the best in our communities."

-Jeff Spiehs, Metropolitan Area Planning Agency, Omaha, Fall 2013

"It was a pivotal time for our social enterprise and small business. Our founder recently left the organization and my co-director and I were struggling to connect and communicate. We knew we needed to hire additional management, but had trouble outlining a clear job description and/or identifying ideal characteristics to look for in a candidate. We were overwhelmed. When we reached out to Annie Dimond to see if she could help, she responded with an immediate plan. Annie helped us do a few things; (a) openly communicate, within our organization, about our needs, (b) tangibly identify our "ideal" candidate's skills and qualities, (c) assisted in our interview processes by meeting one-on-one with our top two applicants, and (d)  providing an assessment, utilizing the Enneagram, to identify perceived strengths, challenges and things to consider when managing. The deliverables created by Annie in

these processes were informative, honest and eye-opening. She helped us transform our entire view of our staff and management styles to a more integrated and holistic approach. 

After assisting with a hiring process, we asked Annie to come back and facilitate meetings for our executive team to identify our own communication gaps and inefficiencies. We started with each director learning more about themselves, utilizing the Enneagram as a tool, and then sharing that among each other. Annie's gentle and spacious presence enabled my co-director and I to name, acknowledge and respond to areas of frustration, disappointment and staleness in our leadership, management and friendship. Never has a process been more helpful personally or professionally for me.


In every area, Annie's input and insights were invaluable to our team and small business. The entire process was engaging, productive, honest and transformative. I would highly recommend Annie's consultation to any team, business or couple -- it will shift your thinking, perspective and being in tangible and formative ways." 

-Katie Koehler, Purple Door Coffee, Denver, Spring 2017

"Working with Annie in preparation for our marriage was amazing. Not only is she easy to talk to and fun, she helped us uncover what were sure to be some key issues in our marriage (through the lens of the Enneagram) and helped us discover how to best prepare to deal with those in a healthy way. Also, the Enneagram work deepened our understanding of one another in an amazing way which was beneficial. I've already recommended her to other friends who are engaged!”

-Katie Stipanovich + Seth Putnam, Chicago, Chicago, Fall 2016

"Annie’s name for her work, the Enneagram for Wholeness is very appropriate. In our work as a parish council we have found her time with us to be very useful for us as a team as well as for our personal growth as well. Her passion for this vocation, the depth of her knowledge of the field, and her unique narrative approach increased our understanding of one another and ourselves. Her group work combined with her individual “typing” sessions is well worth the time. I would recommend her to any leadership team that is seeking to understand how and why we do our work together."

-Father Scott Jenkins, Church of the Holy Family/Celtic Way, Aurora, CO, Fall 2016

We had the pleasure of experiencing one of Annie’s enneagram workshops in hopes of strengthening the working relationships within our team at Stowaway. Annie made us laugh, cry and ultimately deepened our understanding not only of one another, but of ourselves. In a bustling workspace where we don’t have time to talk about interpersonal issues, this was such a good opportunity for everyone to connect on another level. 

-Amy Cohen, Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen, Denver, Summer 2017

"Annie did a fantastic job consulting with my staff on the Enneagram. Most of our team had never heard of the Enneagram, and Annie provided the right balance of introduction, challenge, and support to help our team grow. My staff left the experience more self-aware, reflective, and understanding of one another. Annie's ability to facilitate individual and small group meetings was fantastic. I highly recommend her work!"

-Drew Moser, Taylor University, Upland, Spring 2013

"We were privileged to have Annie present 4 classes worth of an Enneagram workshop within a community of whom most had prior enneagram experience. The depth and practicality of Annie’s teaching allowed us to see new angle’s on the resource itself, on our selves and each other. Her attentive presence during those 4 weeks strengthened the fabric and trust of the community through the manner in which each person was invited to show up fully present and participative. I’d highly recommend Annie’s work!"

-Ryan Taylor, The Network, Denver, Summer 2016

"I own a coffee shop in Denver called Amethyst. We combined with another local shop to do a workshop with Annie and it was great! It was fun to not only have our staff's perspective, but also the perspective of other folx in our community. One thing that really hit home with me was Annie saying 'This is not about having more language to tear apart your coworkers'. She made it very clear that her workshop is about better self-understanding and not about how to judge or 'type' other people. I have a very opinionated and mostly well-informed staff, and working in the service industry can be really tricky when we often deal with people who are less self-aware and less aware of their surroundings. I think Annie's workshop did a lot of good in bringing up ideas and instances that we needed to talk about as a staff; it made us closer and more able to work together as a team because we understood that everyone is dealing with their own relational issues. I would absolutely do this again!"

-Elle Taylor, Amethyst Coffee Co., Denver, Summer 2017

"I had the immense pleasure and honor of working with and learning from Annie last summer during her nine-week Enneagram workshop. I had a cursory knowledge of Enneagram from some courses in graduate school but nothing substantive. Annie blew the lid off that with a well structured and beautifully paced series. her grace and humor informed the tone of the workshop and she fostered an inclusive, bringing out new faces from all walks of life each week, creating a vibrant setting for all of us to learn and question and grow. My daughter and I found new ways of interacting with each other and our other family members based on our burgeoning understanding of the Enneagram types we deduced us all to be, with the gentle guidance of Annie allowing us to move to a deeper grasp of the personalities. I am not being hyperbolic when I say unequivocally that Annie's teaching and profound understanding of the Enneagram typologies brought me to a new and welcome understanding of both myself and those around me."

-Jessica Sherwood, Summer Journey Series, Denver, Summer 2017