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This is a perfect gift for someone who is trying to sort out which Enneagram type they most identify with. The Type Discernment interview is conducted over Zoom and lasts up to 2 hours. During this time, Annie will ask many questions to dive into the person's narrative. After listening, noticing patterns, and asking clarifying questions, Annie will suggest some possible types and help the participant sort through which type they most resonate with. Pariticpants often leave with a clear idea of which type most resonates, but sometimes they leave with more discernment to do, and new language and questions to ask as they observe themselves and their relationships.

All in all, the Type Discernment interview is valuable not just because someone gains knowledge of their enneagram type, but also because they have the opportunity to narrativize who they are and how they see themselves. Such an experience, particularly with a witness to the story, can be very meaningful in and of itself. 


This is a great gift to give a loved one with interest in the Enneagram. 

Enneagram Type Discernment Interview Gift Card

  • Whoever purchases this Type Discernment Session will recieve a PDF gift card. This card can be printed out and given to someone or sent to them. You'll need to fill out the name of the recipient upon purchase so that Annie will know who she is expecting to hear from to set up a session. 

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