TYPE EXPLORATION INTERVIEW + KNOWING YOUR NUMBER WORKSHOPS | Still not sure which center, type, or subtype resonates with you? That’s okay. It takes time to wake up to our patterns. If you are looking for personalized or group type exploration, I offer individual interviews and group workshops that are specifically tailored for those who are interested in discovering their type for the first time. If I’m not available, I have a network of wonderful teachers and coaches to connect you with! 

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DEEPENING THE PRACTICE THROUGH INTENSIVES + RETREATS | For those who identify with a number and would like to begin deepening their work with the Enneagram in a supportive setting, narrative group practice is an incredibly powerful avenue. I facilitate these experiences for businesses, advisory boards, faith communities, groups of friends, non-profits, neighborhoods, and the like. If everyone doesn’t know their number, that’s ok! But, because of my teaching methodology (including panel interviews of participants) it does help to have a knowledge base to get us moving deeper in our exploration.

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CONSULTING + CURRICULUM DESIGN | The Enneagram is such an effective resource and map that there is really no end to the interesting ways it can be used. Below I have listed ways that I have partnered or could partner with people as a guide in their use of it

  • Using the Enneagram to Navigate Politics + Religion with Presence, Vulnerability, and Truthfulness

  • Partnership: A Narrative Enneagram Couples Retreat

  • Enneagram Resources for Hiring and Workplace Transformation

  • Praying into the Real: Renewing our Minds through Unique Relationships with God

  • Sexual Identity Development: Diversifying and Deepening our Language around Desire

  • Using the Enneagram as a Guide for Sustainable + Spacious Activism and Service

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