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Interested in exploring the Enneagram and how it can be used as a tool in your life?


Are you or someone you love wanting to commit to a little enneagram exploration this summer? These Summer Enneagram Coaching packages can be purchased before the end of June and used any time before the end of 2024. You can buy them as a gift to yourself or someone else!



If you or someone you know wants to start working with the enneagram, this is a great way to do so. I will help to discern type and instinctual variant (subtype) and provide guidance in using the enneagram as a tool. As a gift to yourself or someone you love, this package includes:

- “Finding your enneagram type” session (2 hrs)

- “Locating yourself amongst the Instincts” session (1.5 hrs)

- “How can I use this map?” session (1.5hrs)

Price: $440 (normally $500)



If you and your partner have thought about using the enneagram as a tool to work through issues and strengthen your partnership, but wondered how to use and use it well, then this would be a good place to begin. This package allows couples to meet separately with Annie to discern type and then meet together as a group to learn about instinctual variants and work through how best to use the tool together (and to avoid some potential pitfalls in using it poorly together). This package includes:

- “Finding your enneagram type” session (2 hrs x 2 – one for each person)

- “Locating yourself amongst the Instincts” session (1.5 hrs)

- “Navigating difference and Strengthening Partnership with the Enneagram” session (1.5hrs)

Price: $620 (normally $700)



If you are someone who knows your type well, or who has done coaching with Annie before and wants to recommit to working through some thing(s) over the summer or rest of the year, this might be a good way for you to commit to your work! It is a commitment of 7 sessions, over a minimum of 14 weeks, maximum of 6 months (to be finished by the end of 2024). Current clients are eligible for this package. This package includes:

- 7 regular coaching sessions

Price: $600 for 1-hour sessions or $900 for 1.5-hour sessions (normally $700 or $1,050 respectively)


Email me at to inquire. Looking forward to a summer of connecting with some new folks!

Summer 2024 Coaching Pacakages

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