These prints are a part of the "Learning to Hold the Map" collaboration between Enneagram for Wholeness and Auslandish. Sarah and Annie dreamed them up together by talking through ways we often err when over-rely on enneagram information or confuse its value to the detriment of Presence ("The Map Didn't Say How Tall these Trees would Be"; when we try to go it alone and have a hard time determining which fears are connected to real-time threats ("Shedding Light"); and when we fall into thinking that by doing the Work, we control the result and get everything we want, exactly when we want it ("The Neural Pathway Less Traveled").


Instead, these prints remind us of the importance of showing up to witness of our lives as they are ("The Map didn't say how tall these trees would be"); the value of having caring friends to help us shed light on the dark places and moments ("Shedding Light"); and the adventure of setting out on an unmarked inner journey with hope about what we will find ("The Neural Pathway Less Travelled").


These prints are beautiful as stand alones, or would work well as a set of 2 or 3 in an office, hallway, meditation space, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom....pretty much anywhere. Because where isn't the perfect place to come to Presence?

8" x 10" Print | "Shedding Light"

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