biola ra retreat

If you work in Student Life at a university, you already know that so much (dare I say most) of a student's education during this time of their life occurs outside the classroom. Presence in the Residence Halls, Dining Halls, Student Centers, and Sports Arenas bear witness to this fact. From social programs to major life crises to roommate conflicts to participation in campus traditions to financial worries to sexual identity development to learning how to do laundry for the first time, each moment of a student's life outside of the classroom is an invitation to new awareness and to growth. In Higher Ed language, it is important for the professionals who are present for these moments to know how best to challenge + support, no matter how mundane or intense the situation.

But how best to do this?

As a former Resident Assistant, Resident Director, and Director of  Living-Learning Community on a couple different university campuses, I have seen and experienced the great gifts and difficulties of educating outside the classroom. However, the gift for student and staff far outweighs the difficulty, and that is why most people in this particular profession are so passionate about it. It is not its ease nor its profitability, but the dynamic and meaningful student engagement that marks it out as a career.


The Enneagram was an invaluable tool as I attempted to navigate a multiplicity of student needs with presence, graciousness, and understanding. Knowing firsthand its profound impact in the Student Life setting, I'll provide your team with resources to grow as professionals, who are up to the challenge of meeting a diversity of students in the intricacies of their lives. I'll also resource your team for self-care in the midst of the urgency that this profession elicits. The work we do together will be experiential, participatory, and fun.

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